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Ok, so I know the DP/Flex rule is complex, and I've experienced more than a few situations where the umpires don't fully comprehend the rule, for example both the DP and the Flex can actually play defense at the same time... but that's another argument.

Here's the situation:  Line Up has 10 batters, and i'm using the DP/Flex, so the Flex is in the 11th spot.  I have 3 subs not in the line up.  During the course of the game I decided to Sub into the Flex spot with one of my 3 subs.  (Defensive sub only at this point).  The DP hits, and makes it on base.  I want to put my Flex on base for the DP (which is now the subbed in player).  The umpire refuses, and the other coach argues that I would have to "sub" back in the original flex player to do this.  My argument is that even IF I did that, and or had not subbed in the first place, then once the original FLEX is on base, technically speaking I could then "sub" into that position.  The argument was killing my clock, so I put the slower base runner DP back on base, and moved on.

Was I not correct in that the FLEX can be put into the LINE UP for the DP regardless of who is in the FLEX position?

~Coach Sean~

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The DP may play defense at any position.
The DP may play defense for a player other than the FLEX player, that player will continue to bat but not play defense, and is not considered to have left the game.
This allows both the DP and FLEX to play defense at the same time.

The FLEX player may be substituted for at any time by a legal substitute and the FLEX position remains in the lineup.
The substitute becomes the FLEX player.
Therefore she can do anything the original FLEX player could do.

The FLEX player can replace the DP on offense (batting and/or running). In which case, the DP will leave the game.
This reduces the number of players in the lineup by one. However the number of batters does not change.

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