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Can the EH be brought in to play defense? Had a game where the opposing team substituted for the EH with a second pitcher. They then brought the EH/pitcher (10th batter) into the game to replace the starting pitcher (4th batter). Does that then make the starting pitcher the EH? How does that effect the batting order? The starting pitcher was on the bench while the EH/pitcher threw pitches for the inning.

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In USSSA, the proper term is Additional Player (AP).

See Rule 3 Section 3 of the online rulebook

ADDITIONAL PLAYER - up to two additional players can be used to increase the batting lineup to 10 or 11 batters. The additional player(s) will be placed in the line up in the batting position(s) to be occupied. The additional player(s) can also be used on defense (only 9 defensive players in the field), but must keep the same position in the batting order. The additional player(s), if used, must be selected prior to the start of the game, and their name(s) must be included on the line up card presented to the Umpire. Failure to declare the use of the additional player(s) prior to the game precludes the use of an additional player(s) in that game. If a pinch-hitter or pinch runner is used for an additional player, that player becomes the new additional player. The original additional player(s) may re-enter like any other player under the re-entry rule. If an additional player is used, the position must be used the entire game

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