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3rd baseman is in fair territory. Batter hits the ball in FAIR territory, but when the 3rd baseman attempts to field the ball it deflects off her glove foul. Whats the call. I watched this happen in 2 games this weekend and both were called foul.

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If the ball is foul when touched, it is a foul ball.  If the player's feet are in fair territory, but she reaches over the line and touches the ball in foul territory, it is a foul ball.  The call is where the ball is when touched, not where the player is standing.

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Assuming you are not referring to a ground ball that has passed third base,

The ball is fair or foul depending on where the ball is when first touched.

It does not matter where the fielder’s feet are.

It does not matter where the ball goes after the initial touch.

It only matters whether the ball was over fair territory or over foul territory.

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