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In a recent 2015 USSSA tournament a bat with a "Knobcuff" was identified after the batter hit a single. I indicated to the umpire that I thought the bat was illegal. The "knobcuff"  is a tapered device made from rigid rubber that is slid over the knob onto the taped portion of the bat. Not easy to install and only removable by cutting it off. The device is conned (triangle) shaped and is about 1.25" in length ( for the exact link.

Both umpires were unsure of the correct ruling and requested that the UIC be brought over for a ruling. The UIC indicated to me, that in the current USSSA book (which he had in hand) there is no mention about conned tapers or of choke up devices. I mentioned that there was a rule change PDF from Jan 2014 on page two, rule 3 talks about choke up devices.


ADD to Altered Bat paragraph 3: “Choke-up devices are not permitted.”

Keeps Bat requirements alike with High School Rules

He indicated that because his written book did not contain any reference...the bat was legal.
He did say that he would investigate further.

After the game, he came back and indicated that he spoke to another UIC and said that if the "knobcuff" was raised (not touching the original knob) then the device is illegal, but if the device is touching the knob that it is legal. I thanked him for his follow up.

Was this ruling correct?
How can a device be legal in one use but illegal in another?
Is the knob cuff and other similar devices legal?

Thank you.

Charles Crawford

Maryland State Umpire In Chief
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As per the Definition of Altered Bat Sec 2

“Choke-up devices are not permitted”

Choke-up devices typically do not fit on the knob of the bat but up the handle.




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