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Had a play this past Saturday, bang bang play at 1st. The base umpire ruled our runner safe. Other coach comes out and argues, asks base umpire to talk to home plate umpire. After talking the call is overturned and the runner is ruled out. I asked the base umpire if he ruled her safe due to a bobble or a foot off the bag. He stated that he thought she beat it but the home plate umpire said she was out. 

My issue is that safe/out is a judgement call. Therefore a judgement call cannot be questioned.  I was told by both umpires that they can get together on ANY call and decide what the call should be. My understanding is that judgment calls are not able to be changed, especially with other runners on base, the homeplate umpire should not have been watching a force play at first as it isn't his call. As I told them by telling me that any call could be talked about he gave me the right to go to question any strike/ball call by the home plate umpire and ask them to get together.

The play ultimately did not matter and I didn't push the issue at the time due to the score, but I would like to know going forward.


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My understanding is that timing is not able to be appealed. I've never seen an umpire over rule another's timing call. If the issue was a pulled foot or bobbled ball, then by all means the other umpires should help if possible.

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Umpire is correct..This type of appeal happens often...The base umpire does not have to grant you the appeal...No you cannot challenge or appeal balls and strikes..

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I think you may be getting confused with appeals and protests.

An appeal to the umpire that made a call to ask for help is permitted on any call - the umpire that made the call may grant the appeal if he thinks the other umpire might be able to help get the call correct or deny it if he is confident in his call. 

Start appealing balls and strikes when the plate umpire has the best seat in the house (maybe except for the catcher) and it will just be a waste of time at the least - appeals of balls and strikes typically only occur on check swings.

A protest often requires the Umpire in Charge or Site Director to become involved and technically requires the team making the protest to post the protest fee (so that teams only protest when they are sure of a mistake in rule interpretation).  The protest is refunded if it is held up. 

A protest can only be made on a rule interpretation or player eligibility issue - protests cannot be made on judgment calls.

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