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My name is Jeffrey fields and my daughter Renee is 13 years old and will not be 14 until September of 2017 and is extremely interested in joining a travel ball softball team this year. I've had many coaches as well as parents say that is where she should be at this point because of her skill level and potential and I believe 100% she's ready to move up to the travel ball level. She's played for several years at the Little League level and last year at her Middle School as a sixth grader which was the first year she was able to play for her school. We live in northern Delaware and which is also close to eastern Maryland, Southeastern Pennsylvania,. South Jersey and willing to travel within reason to anywhere in those areas. I'm not going to try to convince anyone in this conversation of her ability other than asking for an opportunity for her to try out for a team that's looking for a very aggressive player that wishes she was able to play year round because as she would put it softball is her world. I can be reached at 302-518-8487 or at my email which is

Jeff Fields
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