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At a tournament this weekend there were no safety bases at first. During a play at first the first baseman had her right foot on the base and left foot on the baseline effectively blocking the base path for the runner. Should this be an obstruction call on the first baseman? The runner tried to go around the first baseman but when she came out of her stretch she tagged the runner due to her foot coming off the bag prior to her catching the ball. So what would the ruling be here? The same situation happened in another game with the roles reversed and the runner steam rolled the first baseman. In this case they gave the runner the base because she knocked the first baseman down while she was fielding the ball.

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Normally if any fielder is in the way of the runner, it is obstruction.
However it is not obstruction if the fielder is fielding a batted ball or has possession of the ball.
If a runner hinders a fielder fielding a batted ball, it is interference.

If there is obstruction, the runner is awarded the base they would have obtained had there been no obstruction.
If there is interence, the runner is out.

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