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Did something change or are the umpires incorrect? If a player throws a ball from 1st to 3rd to get a runner out after the batter touches the base at first, isn't the batter awarded 3rd base? When a ball is thrown out of play, the runner is awarded 2 bases, right.

Sorry I have to use the edit tab. For some reason I cannot reply. CoachBrian, that is exactly what I thought. Thx for the reply.
Sballcoach, please read my post again. The 1st baseman threw the ball to 3rd to try to get a runner. At the point of release, the batter/runner had passed 1st base. The batter runner should have awarded 3rd base. Pg. 45 Rule 8 sec 14.C.3
The explanation I got was the runner gets 2 bases from the start of the play, which is incorrect. I'll have to say, the umpires in the 3 tournaments that we have played in have been good. Unfortunately this occurred in extra innings of bracket play. We ended up losing the game by 2, and I'm NOT saying it was due to that call, but a runner on 3rd is better the 2nd with potential to score on a passed ball and cutting the lead to 1.

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I believe just one base on overthrows.
Keith Reuter
Hereford Bulls Travel Softball
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It should be two bases on a ball that goes out of play.  Bases are awarded starting at the base that was reached at the time the fielder threw the ball that went out of play.  In your scenario, if the runner had already reached first base before the fielder threw the ball to (and past) third base that went out of play, then she should have been awarded third base.

Brian Smith
HCYP Patriots 12u Red

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By rule, the runner is awarded second base on the over throw described above.  The player is awarded 2 bases from the point of release.  In this instance, if the runner is running to first, she is awarded that base plus second base whether she beats the throw to the base or not.

Maryland State Umpire In Chief
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On an overthrow that goes out of play, the runner is awarded two bases from the time of the throw.

Rule 8
Each runner including the batter-runner is awarded:
C. Two bases:
3. If a live thrown ball (not a pitch from the pitcher’s plate) goes into a stand for spectators, or a players’ bench, or over or through or lodges in a fence.

Sec 15. An award is from the base determined as follows:
C. The time the ball last left the hand of the thrower.

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