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I have a parent who is asking if their daughter can avoid pitching from a full windmill by using a modified K...therefore adhering to the rest of the rules. I have not seen anything that forbids this, but after seeing the the proposed approach/windup I am slightly worried.

Here's a break down

1) Player begins square to the batter with hips facing 1st and 3rd. 
2) Pitcher does not wind back but kicks forward one step and pivots
3) Simultaneously the pitcher takes the ball up and into a K
4) Pitcher delivers the ball with a release that looks like a standard end of pitch

Any ideas here? I have advised that the daughter take from now until the spring to work on a windup. However, I was at least coming to this forum to gather more info in an effort to conduct due diligence.

Thanks for the advice in advance.

Jonathan McCune

Jonathan McCune
Island Fury Fastpitch
Discipline. Dedication. Determination.
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