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Unsure of what the rule is about a runner who leaves their base(because they thought they were out) and enters the dugout and then tries to return when she realizes she wasn't out...

We had this play, Runner thought she was out at first and entered the dugout, then tried to come back on the field and return...My first baseman tagged first and then tagged the runner as she came back to first....Unfortunately we had a runner on third and that runner scored but I didn't know the rule about leaving the field of play. I assumed the runner was out once she entered the dugout but to play it safe we went for the out and sacrificed the run.

What is the rule?

Thanks in advance

Head Coach
12U "B" Ospreys SOMD
Southern Maryland

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Hope this helps.  There are two sections in the USSSA Rule book that talk about your situation. 
under Rule 8 Base Running.  In your case, Sect 18 is more appropriate since the player had reached first, hence they become a runner at that point and no longer a batter-runner

Sec 17 The batter-runner is out;

J. When, after becoming a batter-runner, they do not attempt to reach first

base before all infielders leave the diamond, the half-inning ends, or they

give up by entering the bench or dugout area.

EFFECT: Ball remains Live


Sec 18.Any runner is out when the runner:.....

X. a runner on base leaves the game without a replacement substitute

Here is a website that has an electronic copy.  I am sure it is somewhere on the USSSA site too.

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