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So this weekend I saw some "firsts".  One I had a runner called out for touching the White Part of 1st as she ran thru the bag.  My understanding is that this is an "appeal" play, not a dead ball out.  The umpire said she "touched" white.  My argument was that the plate itself was not positioned correctly with the foul line actually running through part of the white plate. I also argued that it was an appeal by the coach, and only until the runner returned the bag shown in the picture.  He stated he was not "aware of that rule".  How should I have proceeded?  Is that a UIC call? or purely subjective and leave it alone?

And then secondly why would an umpire during a time out in play, announce the "time left" on the clock with 20 minutes to go in play?  Is there a rule that says that "can" or should announce time left?  I've never heard an umpire announce time left. CAM out.JPG

~Coach Sean~

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From ASA.  You may have since come across this.  Did something happen with the first baseman making a move to catch the ball that resulted in (for safety reasons) the white bag being the best choice for the batter-runner to step on?  At the end of the day, safety should be what dictates which bag is used.   

. DOUBLE FIRST BASE A double first base is used at all levels of MSCR play. A batted ball hitting the white portion is fair and a batted ball hitting the colored portion is foul. Whenever a play (ball must be thrown to first base in an attempt to record an out) is being made on the batterrunner, the defense must use the white portion and the batter-runner must touch the colored portion. If a play is made at first base, but the ball is overthrown or the fielder is pulled off the base by an errant or missed throw, the batter-runner is allowed to use the white base if trying to advance to second base. (Clar-Exception) On a play attempt on the batter-runner from the foul side of first base, or by an errant throw pulling the fielder off the base into foul ground, the batter-runner and the fielder can use either white or colored portions of the base. On extra base hits or balls hit to the outfield when there is no play being made at the double base, the batterrunner may touch the white or colored portion. When tagging up on a fly ball, either the white or colored base may be used. The batter-runner is allowed to legally return to either color base after

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There is no penalty for the batter-runner touching the white portion of first base.

The appropriate rule is Rule 8 Sec 19. Double First Base

  1. 1.      If the batter-runner touches only the white portion when there is a play being made at first base, it is treated the same as missing the base. The batter-runner is out providing the defense appeals prior to the batter-runner returning to first base. Once the runner returns to the white or colored portion, no appeal can be made.


Any time you feel a rule has been not been applied correctly, you have the option of Protesting.



There are no rules governing when of how the Umpires must give the time remaining in a game.

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