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Catching, at its core, is receiving, blocking, throwing... and fielding the ball!

The WINTER 2017-18 CATCHER TRAINING begins at several locations (see below…), with ongoing Winter instructions: 

  • Saturday mornings at PERFORMFIT, 
  • Weekends at DOPSONs, 
  • Evenings at CAGES, 
  • Holidays at PARISI…

Your PreSeason WORK prepares you to PLAY BALL.  It builds toward team tryouts, then OPENING DAY for the 2018 season!!

The PROBLEM is... catchers don't get the same attention, focused instruction/ training, and deliberate practice as the other players.      

One area in softball/baseball that receives little attention from coaches is teaching proper catching techniques. In general, there is not enough practice time  devoted to it and the result is a lack of quality catchers at all levels. The reasons for this can be attributed to a number of things, but mainly, the blame falls on coaches for not setting aside practice time and a coach's lack of catching knowledge.”  (see


A catcher's throw to second base is judged/ timed from the moment the ball hits the catcher's mitt until the throw is caught at second base ("pop to pop" time)...or, POPTIME.

POPTIME CLINIC ... is designed for 4-6 catchers to work weekly indoors on POP-TIME. These sessions run for an hour ($35); with the focus on throwing mechanics, demonstrations of skills, and the RAPID RELEASE techniques that can shave time off your PopTime!!  We will periodically; measure pop-time, promote friendly competition and catcher comparisons.  
To a hitter, there's batting practice... For the catcher, its the POPTIME Clinic.

ALSO; we will expand into other catcher skills, RECEIVING and BLOCKING.  You can request to stay another hour for individualized training.... including hitter instructions!

We will focus on; skills with drills, repetitions, and "perfect" / "deliberate" practice.   Sign up for any session by emailing me in advance.

January/ February training on Sundays from 1-2 and/or 3pm at Dopsons, starting Sunday 1/7. 


Ask about the ROVING CATCHER COACH PROGRAM... I'll come to your group. While the infielders and outfielders are practicing their skills, I will train the catchers. Dozens of teams have benefited from this focused catcher instruction, including in a Coordinated Bullpen.

ENROLL NOW…Contact Rick Straub at 410-696-4757-or- Email for current training schedule. Group, Team, and Individual instruction also available. Check out the June 15thedition of PRESSBOX. Visit my website: -or- on FaceBook.


=================== Training Locations ===== ==================

PARISI Speed School Towson ... Towson Overlook ... 1119 Cromwell Bridge Road ... Towson MD, 21286

DOPSONs INDOOR FACILITY… 8274 Lokus Road… Suite 112… Odenton, MD 21113

PERFORMFIT10880 Railroad Avenue … Cockeysville, MD 21030

CAGESbtc 1202 B Pauls Lane... Joppa, MD 21085



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Fall Training ended today... Winter training kicks off 12/26 during the Holiday School break.

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Next training sessions are January and February Sundays from 1-3pm at Dopsons.

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